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BCDP Platform

Welcome to the Blount County Democratic Party.  We believe everyone deserves a decent standard of living and a fair pathway to successful endeavors. We are working to make this a reality in our community in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

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Executive Committee

2021-2022  Executive Committee Members

The BCDP Executive Committee is made up of one male District Representative and one female District Representative elected from each of the 10 Blount County commission districts.  District Representatives represent Democrats within their district and participate in governing the Blount County Democratic Party (for more detail about what they do see their job description).

The Executive Committee meets on the first Monday of every month.  The meeting is open to the public.  We welcome anyone who is interested in supporting the Democratic platform and participating in BCDP activities.

Executive Committee Officers

Chair: Nathan Higdon
1st Vice Chair:  Robert (Bob) Hanye
2nd Vice Chair:  Sue DuBois
3rd Vice Chair:  Patti Young
Secretary:  Marte Lawrence
Treasurer:  Sally Whelan


District Representatives
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District 1
Judy Watson-Knight

District 2
Betsy Williamson
Dan McCord Jr

District 3
Sue Hanye
Don Jones

District 4
Corinne Dooley
Rob Spirko

District 5
Peggy Jackson
Dan Mason

District 6
Terry Tiehen
Phil Tiehen

District 7
Melissa McCrossen
Terry Allmond

District 8
Jennifer Webster
Phil Young

District 9
Kathy Skinner
Brent Dotson

District 10
Terry Morgan

Others also serving on the Executive Committee:

Democratic Women’s Group Chair:  Jenny Jordan
Immediate Past Chair: Sarah Herron

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