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Have you thought about running for local office? Here's some helpful information about upcoming elections and what it takes to run.  Now is the time to be thinking about it.  We can help you make the decision.  Contact us for more information.

2024 Elections

Presidential and US Congress

US Senate (replace Blackburn)US House D2 (replace Burchett)

Local races in 2024 include:
TN Senate D2 
TN House D20 

TN House D8

Blount County Assessor of Property

Blount County School Board District 2,4,6
Alcoa School Board (3 seats)
Maryville City School Board (2 seats)

Rockford City Commission (1 seat)
Friendsville City Comm (2 seats)
Maryville City Council (2 seats)
Louisville City Alderman (2 seats)
Alcoa City Council (2 seats)

PLEASE CHECK THE Blount County Election Commission website

for more detail and Key Dates for the 2024 Election Cycle

Important Dates

March 5, 2024

Presidential Preference Primary, County Primary,  Rockford City Election

August 1, 2024

Primary, County General, Friendsville and Townsend City Elections

November 5, 2024

Federal & State General, Alcoa Louisville & Maryville City Elections

First day to pull a petition to be a candidate in the August Federal and State Primary (for TN and US House and Senate races) and Municipal Primary for Alcoa and Maryville City School Boards is Feb 5.  

Deadline to qualify is April 4, 2024.

Contact us about Running for Office

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