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One-third of all registered voters in Blount County are Democrats! Let me repeat that. ⅓ of all registered voters in Blount County are Democrats! That means that if we ALL went out and voted, Democrats could win every seat in every election! Imagine that! Due to the Republican majority, we tend to feel isolated and alone. The truth is that you have a Democrat living two houses away, you just don’t know it because we rarely advertise ourselves. We also don’t feel our vote matters. Ask Tanya Martin or Jackie Hill what they think about how much your vote matters. Tanya won the Alcoa mayor’s race by only 99 votes. Jackie lost her County Commission seat by 52 votes.

What can you do? Go to GoVoteTN to check your current voter registration or go there to register. It only takes 2 minutes! Next, help others register. When you’re at a restaurant, ask your waiter if they’re registered. If not, pull out your cellphone with the GoVoteTN app and help them get registered then and there! Voter registration is non-partisan. It's just important that every eligible person is registered at least 30 days before an election.

Take advantage of Early Voting. Don't wait until the last day to vote. Life happens. You don't won't to give up your vote because something came up and you couldn't make it to the polls on the last day of voting. Your vote really does matter! Vote and Vote Early!

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