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Probably none of us are the Koch brothers or a Super Pac. Both are groups that pour out millions of dollars to influence elections. Instead, we are people quietly living our lives, wanting the best for our families and the planet we live on. But it takes money to build a local party or to run for office as a candidate. The BCDP needs money to open an office, engage voters, support Democratic candidates and fight for our platform and democracy.

Running for office is like selling a product. It’s advertising, getting the word out, and name recognition. The candidate is the product. In the last election, I ran for County Commissioner and spent about $5,000. We bought signs, a few newspaper ads, some t-shirts, postcards, and pens. Most of the money was not my own, rather it came from donors who wanted to help. Two people gave $500, but the majority of the rest of it was $10 and $20 donations. A few people gave recurring donations of $10 per month for the seven months. Those small, but ongoing, contributions really helped in budgeting.

So, what can you do? Donate! Go to the BCDP website and click the Donate button. It will take you to Act Blue where you can safely and securely begin donating. Donate once or make it recurring. Help the BCDP elect Democrats and save democracy and the world! Or support local Democrats running for office in 2024 by going to their websites to donate.

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