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What Can I Do? #7 - Adopt!

Want to give the BCDP prime, long-lasting visibility and help the Earth at the same time? Consider adopting a highway, mile, stream, or maybe a river. Each has their own parameters, but they will all give our organization two signs so that every passing person will know that Blount County does have a Democratic Party and we care enough about our immediate environment to make it better, in this case, picking up trash. 

Here are four possibilities:

-Adopt A Highway - (TDOT) 2 miles, 4x per year

-Adopt A Mile - (Keep Blount Beautiful) 1 mile, 4x per year

-Adopt A Stream - (Maryville City/Alcoa/Blount County) 1 mile, 2x per year

-Adopt A River - (Keep Blount Beautiful) Contact them to see         

                          what arrangements can be worked out.

Blount County District 8 volunteers, plus others, (Heritage, Townsend, Seymour) have been doing the Adopt A Highway program on 321 by Heritage High School for about 2 years now. It is so easy, takes about two hours per time, is rewarding, AND, when some of the 13 million tourists coming to GSMNP pass by OR all the local commuters whiz past, everyone can see our name! These programs are a win-win for everyone!

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