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Headquarters Open for Business!

 OMG! Holy Moly! Unbelievable! 

On the second day it was open, I took a turn at Headquarters. It was nice. A table with some giveaways, a calendar of important election dates, Joe and Kamala silently standing watch. I was completely unprepared for what I found two weeks later!

There was a copy machine, big calendars with all the election deadlines highlighted with Post-It notes, district maps, colored markers, office supplies, and merchandise, including  bumper stickers, Vote pins, and the new BCDP pens. But, the biggest shocker of all was the Office Procedures book, hereafter referred to as the ”Book”. In it are detailed descriptions of what to do if you’re opening the office or closing for the day, how to take in donations, election information, upcoming events, merchandise, phone banking procedures, and volunteer activities. It is so well done that anyone could find all the necessary office answers in the “Book”.

So, make plans to stop by. Give a donation and volunteer for something. We’re trying hard to get Democrats elected and save Democracy. 2024 is the most important year for the United States since 1776. We all have to pitch in for this one.   

                      The Headquarters is located at:

    523 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Suite 11, Maryville, TN 37801

          Entrance and parking on the back side of the building

                     Call 865.268.9426 for more info

                                February hours:

                    Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat - 11 AM-3 PM

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