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2022 Elections – Democrats Step Up!

Updated: Mar 14

We have an amazing slate of Democrats on the ballots for this year’s elections. So far, 24 Democrats have stepped up to run for County Commission, local School Boards, State offices and County-wide offices. Check out the list of candidates here and return often as we will be updating our site with campaign-specific contact information for all the Democrats running.

Get Involved!

We have a busy year ahead of us and will need everyone to show up and step up to help put these folks in offices. There are many ways that you can help, starting now!

Volunteer to help us in our mission to elect more Democrats locally.

Donate to the party so we can open an office and work to elect more Democrats to local offices.

Spread the word: Follow and share our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, sign up for our emails.

Check out our Democratic Platform.

Keep Moving Forward,

J. Nathan Higdon, Chair Blount County Democratic Party

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