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Why is Tuesday Election Day?

Updated: Mar 29

This is the 21st Century, can we make voting easier?

Could we declare Election Day a National Holiday?

Could we move voting to the first weekend in November?

Let's look at the history of why it is on the first Tuesday of November

Before 1845:

•States could hold the election any day within a 34 day period before the first Wednsday in December.

•Early voting results could affect turnout and sway opinions in states that held late elections.

•Congress changed the law in 1845.

After 1845:

•Elections would be held on the first Tuesday in November.

•November because farmers would be able to take time to vote.

•Tuesday so not to interfere with Sunday worship or Wednesday farmer’s markets.

•The first Tuesday to allow plenty of time to count votes before January.

States control a lot about voting:

•Early voting: all the rules and procedures

•Mail in voting: all the rules and procedures, some states use mail in voting exclusively

•Absentee voting: all the rules and procedures

•Voter registration: all the rules and procedures

•Voting hours: all the rules and procedures

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