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2023 BCDP Reorganization

We had a great turnout for the 2023 Reorganization and the results are in!   The new officers are Chair Sue DuBois, 1st Vice Chair Patti Young, 2nd Vice Chair Peggy Jackson, 3rd Vice Chair Melissa McCrossen, Secretary Marte Lawrence, and Treasurer Sally Whelan. 


District Representatives include District 1 – Judy Watson Knight and Miranda Navratil, District 2 – Dan McCord, Jr., District 3 – Deborah Morgan and Steven Morgan, District 4 – Allie Sasser and Bernhard Jansen, District 5 – Jenny Jordan and Dan Mason, District 6 – Judy Graham and Phil Tiehen, District 7 – Keith Elliot and Terry Allmond, District 8 - Gail Taylor and Phil Young, District 9 – Alice Wardrep and Brent Dotson, and District 10 – Katherine Lovingood and Tom Heck.

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