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What Can I Do? # 8

Great Ideas For Civic Engagement from the Brookings Institute

Civic engagement is the glue that holds self-government together. Self-government takes work and effort. Here are some things you can do:

Stay Informed -      

  • Shadow a public servant for a day

  • Deep dive into the Constitution

Vote - 

  • Make a voting pact with your friends or family

  • Volunteer to register voters

  • If you are a boss, give your employees time off to vote

  • Volunteer to work at a polling place

  • Offer to drive elderly voters or those without transportation to the polls

  • If you own a business, offer discounts to people who provide proof of voting on election day. If you work at a business, ask your boss to consider this

  • Pay attention to all deadlines and election days. Mark them on your calendar

Participate -

  • Communicate with your elected officials

  • Write a letter to the editor

  • Attend a city or county commission meeting

  • Join a political campaign

  • Attend school board meetings

     ***  Run For Office ***

Build Community -

  • Pick up trash

  • Volunteer at a pantry, soup kitchen, or food bank

  • If you own a gun, participate in a gun safety course

  • Donate to a cause

  • Volunteer……..

Want more ideas? Go to the Brookings Institute 76 Checklist for Civic Engagement. Then, help the BCDP and help save Democracy. It’s worth it.

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